Ramadan with an Anxious & High Needs Baby

This post is for my fellow mothers who have struggled with an anxious/high needs baby and have never felt understood. AlhamdulilIah, my daughter is 4 years old today and doing fabulously, but I remember those difficult nights, especially during the months of Ramadan, like it was yesterday. She was breast feed exclusively for 1.5 years… Continue reading Ramadan with an Anxious & High Needs Baby

Sexual Abuse, Masturbation, & Sexual Addiction

There are alarming rates of sexual violence and sexual abuse these days. The #metoo hashtag went viral as people from all over the world reveal that they have been violated in some way. A phenomenal organization that I write for called Stones to Bridges gives space to Muslim Youth to anonymously ask mental health professionals for… Continue reading Sexual Abuse, Masturbation, & Sexual Addiction