Ramadan with an Anxious & High Needs Baby

This post is for my fellow mothers who have struggled with an anxious/high needs baby and have never felt understood. AlhamdulilIah, my daughter is 4 years old today and doing fabulously, but I remember those difficult nights, especially during the months of Ramadan, like it was yesterday. She was breast feed exclusively for 1.5 years… Continue reading Ramadan with an Anxious & High Needs Baby

Sexual Abuse, Masturbation, & Sexual Addiction

There are alarming rates of sexual violence and sexual abuse these days. The #metoo hashtag went viral as people from all over the world reveal that they have been violated in some way. A phenomenal organization that I write for called Stones to Bridges gives space to Muslim Youth to anonymously ask mental health professionals for… Continue reading Sexual Abuse, Masturbation, & Sexual Addiction

Check Out My Book-Chapter!

Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy This incredible book edited by Dr. Carrie Al-Karam illustrates how professionals from around the world seamlessly integrates Islam into the therapy process. Whether you are a mental health professional who works with Muslims in your practice, or you are just curious what an Islamic approach to therapy might look like, get your… Continue reading Check Out My Book-Chapter!